South Tyneside hub for creation and innovation

Prospect House was originally intended to be simply another commercial site, but over time the building has evolved into a thriving hub for innovative and creative businesses, inspiring collaboration and growth across the region and beyond. It’s creators share a vision to support and nurture businesses to reach their full potential, developing a series of programmes such as in-house business mentoring and training alongside preferential leasing to realise their objectives.

This pioneering space is now host to a diverse collection of innovative businesses across a broad range of sectors from industrial, to professional, to performing arts, joined by a shared passion for collaboration and education that will enable them to grow, thrive and succeed.

Join the conversation on social media or via the Prospect House newsletter to see how you can become involved with this exciting project and help it become a part of yet another chapter in South Tyneside history.

Want more information about what we do?

The Prospect House project has been in development for some time and has naturally evolved during that time into a thriving hub for small buisiness and creatives in the region. We recognise that none of this would be possible without both the hardwork and collaberation of many of our members as well as the support and encouragement of people like you.

We have many exciting events coming up that will showcase our very talented members and the facilities here at Propect House, including our grand public launch planned in the near future. We would love to keep you informed about events and news from the project, follow our social media presence on the links below and keep checking back to the website for up-to-date information and exciting news. Also feel free to add your email address below to be added to our mailing list.

We look forward to hearing your comments and welcoming the community to the Prospect House Hub.